Goals of the Club :

promote and develop breeding and care of Sacred Birman Cats
provide reliable information about the breed
promote collaboration and friendship between its members
promote the well-being of cats in general

Means to achieve goals:

organizing meetings, events for owners and breeders of Birman Cats and of cat lovers in general
help exchange of information about the Birman on health and breeding issues
collaborate with research institutions, other breed clubs and the like
help members home their kittens and adults by advertising on the club’s homepage


  • Chair

    Sabina Jaquier
    route d’Hermance 211
    1246 Corsier GE

  • Secretary

    Sophie Cornu
    route de Villars-Burquin 15
    1421 Grandevent

  • Revisor 1

    Irene Krebs

  • Member

    Martine Roussel-Houriet
    Ch. de la Sagne 26
    1423 Villars-Burquin

  • Vice Chair

    Marine Cornu
    Route de l’Eglise 24
    1753 Matran

  • Treasurer

    Sébastien Jaquier
    route d’Hermance 211
    1246 Corsier GE

  • Revisor 2

    Céline Schmutz

  • Member

    Béatrice Anne Keller
    Avenue du Lignon 20
    1219 Le Lignon

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